Does Misery Really Love Company?

There has been much debate over the affair of Misery loving Company. Thanks to recent comprehensive studies, interviews, and clinical trials, it has been conclusively determined that Misery, in fact, does not love Company.

Exclusive interviews and exhaustive studies with the subject in question illuminated the reality that Company is, frankly, the last thing that Misery desires.

Generally standoffish, the reclusive Misery did deign to reveal some insights into this ubiquitous misconception: “I don’t understand why anyone thinks I would enjoy, let alone love, Company. Company brings conversation, support, sound advice and sometimes even kindness. All of that nonsense interferes with and, quite honestly, debilitates the comfort I find wallowing in angst. Angst is my stock in trade so, needless to say, that damned Company really fouls up the works.”

It should be noted that some interesting facts emerged from the analysis of the data that were gathered. When confronted by Company, Misery began to change; opening up to the potential for optimism and becoming more sanguine to the concept of ‘hope’. Misery also indicated for obdurate tendencies, moved only by patience and compassion.

The conclusions are indisputable; Misery, although seemingly adamantly adherent to the necessity to luxuriate in grief, is capable of being provoked by Company to improve upon a situation. Misery can, it seems, be stimulated to rise out of a self-piteous morass by Company’s compassion, empathy, and loving kindness.

Wherever you encounter Misery, be good Company.


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