Dance to the Music You Hear Right Now

Some days are great; filled with laughter, great food, and comfortable shoes.

Some days are not so great; filled with regret, heartburn, and blisters.

But does that make life any less … life? We are continuously presented with joys and challenges. Side-splitting laughter may slay you and random kindness might tumble into your day. Muddy communication between friends, failed logic, and frustration may reign supreme.

Slow Down

Life around us moves at breakneck speed and we are compelled along; if we stop for a moment, competitors will exploit our weakness. This misconception seduces us into believing that speed conquers. The trouble with racing through the present moments, thinking only of those yet to come, is that all we see is peripheral. It is impossible to enjoy breakfast when your mind is busy imagining dinner. Relish the meal you are eating.

Pay Attention

One of the kindest gifts you can bestow, upon others and upon yourself, is unwavering attention. Being present within each moment allows for understanding, compassion, and true communication. It is also one of the most challenging, forgoing the distractions of “I’m so busy and have so much left to do today” to focus on that present moment. Breathe, connect, and listen.

Question Everything

Ask. Examine. Query. Wonder. Look for answers in every moment.
Being open to understanding, without judgement, allows us to learn about ourselves and about others. Take time to discover from where your anger, resentment, confusion and joy comes through honest examination. Old simmering anger can bubble over and impose itself, ruining the start of a fresh, new day. Recognize it, question it, and forgive it.

You can not dance to music that has yet to written.
Dance to the music you hear right now.

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8 Responses to Dance to the Music You Hear Right Now

  1. “Relish the meal your are eating.” love your post Tobey.

  2. A lovely reminder to live in the moment! Thanks!

  3. I’ve come to realize how much of a gift life is so I really do try to live EVERY day to the fullest…

  4. omamuzo says:

    I have seen alot of people who don’t know how to enjoy themselves. They regret ystday, worry about tomorrow and Rob themselves the jot of today. How sad! Learn to enjoy every second of your day.

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  7. Tobey, you inspire me with your posts. Thank you. I have nominated you for the “Inspiring Blog Award” @ You are under no obligation to accept – just know your blog is valued and appreciated. Thank you. Dave

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