Einstein. Gandhi. And You. The World Needs You Now Because #YouMatter

Wow! Our days just fly by! We’ve no time for ourselves, let alone others, so the drive-by hellos, dismissive waves, and curt responses to all those people in our way are absolutely, utterly unavoidable. It’s not our fault ~ we just don’t have time!

I beg to differ.

There’s a fable about Albert Einstein and his fascination with Mohandas Gandhi. According to this story, over and again, Einstein watched newsreels of Gandhi bowing to greet others with hands pressed together, uttering a single word ~ namaste. Intensely curious, Einstein wrote Gandhi and asked him the meaning of this greeting to which Gandhi replied:

“I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the place in you of light, love, truth, peace and wisdom. I honor the place in you where, when you are in that place, and I am in that place, there is only one of us.”

This ancient greeting acknowledges the equality and honours the sacredness of each one of us. It’s true meaning might be summed up in two words:

You Matter

Einstein and Gandhi were, without question, two of the most extraordinary people who contributed to our human condition ~ wise, insightful, and profoundly intelligent. They also shared another attribute – neither lost their childlike perception in the way they saw the world and the people in it.

It is by seeing through the eyes of a child that they were able to perceive possibility, to envision equality, and engender compassion. I believe this enduring connection contributed to their genius.

In her TedxDesMoines talk, my friend Angela Maiers borrowed a phrase from Seth Godin’s book, Linchpin, to start her class each day: “You are a genius and the world needs your contribution”. Through this, she is able to introduce children to the reality that ‘They Matter’. Angela, and her fellow educators, lead them to realize how important Mattering is to individuals and to a culture.

Whether we are five, fifteen, or fifty years old, we are genius. The world needs our contribution. The world needs us to recognize that We All Matter. Significance is critical to all of us and it isn’t found in the glare of a spotlight, on a marquee, or through thundering applause. Your, and everyone’s, significance is found through sharing the realization that We All Matter ~ that we all are equal and sacred.

It is possible to change the world with these two words: You Matter. Recognize and acknowledge significance. We have much to learn from the minds of children. And from them? We can Expect Great Things.

Are you ready to change the world? Tomorrow starts today. Please support the You Matter Foundation ~ the world needs your contribution.

After you watch Angela’s 3-minute video below, please take ONE more minute to watch this wonderful video ~> Expect Great Things (from Second Graders!)

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9 Responses to Einstein. Gandhi. And You. The World Needs You Now Because #YouMatter

  1. As a parent, I feel one of our most important jobs is teaching our kids to GIVE BACK. We do it, in my family, in so many ways. I hope it’s second nature to them. Caring about something other than ME ME ME is so valuable. You Matter is great for teaching them to care about others while also caring about ourselves.

  2. A Wonderful post there Tobey :D!!! You words are Amazing 🙂
    We all are here for a purpose, for a reason, we are here to play our part, so why not at our best, be who We are, be who the worlds need us to be. There are strangers at times who touch our lives with their Light, indeed people whom we don’t even know, but leave such an impression upon us, and for many they become a beautiful reason to bring out the best in themselves. Truly, Thank God for Us and Them.
    #YouMatter tells us that, We are those people, bring out the Best in us, be Who We Are from our Soul. We are that change. Tomorrow, we will become a reason for a stranger to smile, inspire someone, let them get a glance of the beauty of this Life through us, so that they themselves then see the world at its most beautiful through their eyes :).

    As so, you are of one the people who inspires so many others, including me :).

    I posted a quote on Facebook a couple of days ago, it said : Today, very much in this moment, you have the innumerable opportunities to be the person you truly are, So why not now, very much in this moment, give the yourself and the world a view & glimpse of your own Bliss ~ M. Faizan

    Thank you so much once again for sharing this incredible post and these touching and inspiring words with us, looking forward to know more about Angela who termed such two beautiful words :).
    Blessed to know you my friend :)).
    May God always Bless you and all your Loved ones with Happiness & Love :).
    M. Faizan

  3. “Significance is critical to all of us and it isn’t found in the glare of a spotlight, on a marquee, or through thundering applause. Your, and everyone’s, significance is found through sharing the realization that We All Matter ~ that we all are equal and sacred.” Great words. Thank you. For men looking to realize more of their own significance and wanting to break through a lot of cultural garbage that keeps men from fully expressing, appreciating and connecting – try the ManKind Project. http://mankindproject.org

  4. Phantomimic says:

    What you write is very true. I specially liked how you connected Gandhi’s and Einstein’s genius to them being able to see the world through the eyes of a child. Sadly this is a quality that many adults have lost.

  5. Stan Faryna says:


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  9. raja rajan says:

    Here is a little known story about Gandhi and Einstein. Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister, and Gandhi’s Prime disciple met Einstein in New York during an official visit to USA. In that meeting Einstein did a decade by decade comparison of the advances in Nuclear Physics and Evolution of Gandhi’s philosophy of Non Violence. According to Nehru’s biographers the PM was truly astonished and and noted that he too like Einstein was left wondering about the strange coincidence. That of man’s advancement in knowledge of the most destructive science ( nuclear physics) and evolution of the Non Violence philosophy, both happening in the same decade. Actually some of Gandhi’s momentous events tallied with the year scientists made their breakthrough about the knowledge of the atom. That made it a truly eerie coincidence. No Wonder a genius like Einstein had to share this to Nehru, who was Gandhi’s favorite.

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