Dream Team: ‘Tony and Kris In the Morning’ Get Seriously Social


Tony Randall, Kris Rochester & Jessica Northey of Tony and Kris in the Morning

I have been sitting on this piece of news for SOOOO long, sworn to secrecy under pain of Skype Singing (don’t ask …) that it is a THRILL to be able to join everyone in congratulating Tony Randall and Kris Rochester, of nationally syndicated radio show Tony and Kris in the Morning, for joining forces with Social Media Phenom Jessica Northey, owner of Finger Candy Media!

I’ve had the great fortune to sit alongside and learn from this amazing social media expert (although liberally bandied about, I don’t use the term ‘expert’ lightly here). Jessica is ambitious and has the brains, energy, knowledge and experience to achieve what she sets out to do. With over 15 years of media experience as a salesperson, nationally recognized speaker, ALLACCESS.com Columnist, On-Air personality, Country and Music Blogger/Journalist and Social Media power broker, Jessica will work with Tony and Kris to closer connect with their audience.

“Jessica has insight and experience in the industry and vast expertise and success in Social Media strategy; teaming with her will bring us closer to our audience. We want to stay connected to our listeners all day long, and Jessica Northey can help us do just that.” said Tony & Kris. Acting as the Online Correspondent, Jessica has created a Digital Daypart for the show. Joining this Dream Team is TALENT REVOLUTION’S Brandon Hill, who will work with them on revamping the website, giving it a tech-friendly edge with tutorials and website tips.

Dreaming Out Loud is the way to make life happen ~ please read Jessica’s post to learn more about this Radio Revolution! And, once again, my heartfelt respect, admiration, and congratulations to this Dream Team Come True!

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4 Responses to Dream Team: ‘Tony and Kris In the Morning’ Get Seriously Social

  1. I love you once, I love you twice…..I love you more than beans and rice.
    That’s a very silly rhyme from a very silly person…seriously silly social person!
    thank you I am honored and humbled! you make my heart go pitter patter! xo

  2. Tobey Deys says:

    Silly is good. Silly is fun … and you’re the best Seriously Social Silly person I know!!
    Go get’em, Tigress – so happy and thrilled for you! xo

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  4. Tobey, aloha. That Skype Singing must be pretty serious stuff. What a wonderful secret you shared with Jessica.

    Tobey, how fortunate you are to have been able to sit beside the incomparable, Amazing Jessica Northey to learn social media. My guess is that along with the learning, there was a whole lot of love and laughter.

    Your radiant smiles are a reflection of the awesomeness in your hearts.

    Wishing you both all the best. Tweet you soon, my friend. Aloha. Janet

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