Country Music is all aTwitter about #CMChat

For anyone who read my recent post about chats, it should be self-evident that I am a Twitter Chat Enthusiast. One of the coolest and kindest people I’ve been blessed to know on Twitter is Jessica Northey. Jessica is sexy, sassy, smart & savvy (and I’m not just saying that because I love her. She is all those things and more … )

For those twelve people out there who don’t about her, here’s a little background on our girl. Jessica is a SocialMediologist Extraordinaire. She is a writer, blogger, nationally recognized speaker, On-Air personality and SocialPR Expert who owns Social Media boutique firm Finger Candy Media where she strategically employs Social Media to help celebrities, musicians, and businesses accomplish their goals. She is truly passionate about helping other people reach for their dreams and is a total ‘GO-Giver’! I can personally vouch for that; Jessica ‘Goes & Gives’ generously every single day.

On Monday, she had the brilliant idea to start a Twitter Chat. Just like that. In less than five hours. (This felt a little bit like that time I had nine days to plan my BFFs wedding for 300 guests) I was thrilled to share co-hosting honours with Serial Twitter Chat Aficionado  Dabney Porte.

The brainwave: #CMChat “Meet your Neighbor”, bringing together some of Jessica’s friends who are big names in the Country Music industry with a lot of us very hip regular folks. The inaugural #CMChat started off like with a rumble like a volcano threat. We fired up the chat at 7pm PST/10pm EST and within minutes, the action was flowing like hot lava. The neighbors warmed up to each other, sharing smiles, stories and songs. A loud lovin’ garden party where the weather was fine!

In a word, the response was phenomenal. In numbers? #CMchat reached over 216K people with more than 1.5 million impressions!  I’m going to hazard a guess that #CMChat is off to a roaring start!

Shoutouts and Mad Thanks to CowboyTroy, from Big & Rich Big Kenny Albin and John RichLarry Parigis, Mary Sarah Music, Craig Moritz, Natalie Harper AKA Parker, Marthia Sides, Kasey Lansdale, Tony & Kris, Charlotte Autry, Stephen Clark, Cjay LeRose, Kris Daniels from Kris Country, Brett Wall, Paul Nunn, Lori Moreno, and NIXA Country and to all of the great folks that came out to chill at #CMChat. You Rock!

Respect to Chat Luminary, Mack Collier and gratitude for his inspiration and support!

We are stoked for next week’s chat with guest host Larry Parigis. Larry owns Nine North Records, Nashville’s first virtual record label. He provides promotion and marketing services to country artists & is also responsible for breaking acts like the Dixie ChicksGretchen WilsonMontgomery Gentry, Van Zant, Miranda Lambert, Buddy Jewell to name a few. He is inspiring, fun-loving, and intelligent. He is also really tall – so you know he’s a gotta be a great guy!

Join us every Monday at 6pm PST/9pm EST for #CMChat – CountryMusic Chat that is Off the Hook! Learn more about #CMChat

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10 Responses to Country Music is all aTwitter about #CMChat

  1. Val Jean says:

    NIXA Country was in the house too !! Thanks to all our listeners and followers who joined in the #CMchat !!

  2. This was such a fantastic group effort executed exquisitely by what felt like a veteran team. I love the way we all pay tribute to each other and not one of us walks around taking credit but gives mad props to the others. It’s a glorious thing to be connected to such strong, kind, generous women and MACK lol xo #LuvYerShow

    • tobeydeys says:

      It is an absolutely outrageous pleasure and honour to be involved with such amazing people and have so much fun!! Big ups to our team and ++Mad Props to everyone who comes out to #CMChat!

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  4. Love the Social media support and involvement of the Country music entertainers and fans. I big thanks to Jessica Northey, Tobey Deys, And Dabney Porte for creating the CMChat #tweetluv to ya as always.

  5. mack collier says:

    Hate that I missed the first #CMChat last week but will definitely be here for this one!

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