#Coffee. 29 Reasons you should …

be enjoying it right now!

My morning mug from Starbucks in Dubai

My friend John Matthews (aka @linktrap) was inspired by a post by Jeff Bullas. Jeff listed 29 reasons why you should be blogging (and not watching television). Personally, watching grass grow beats TV any day. (Paint drying? Comes in second, by a nose.)

John suggested we tweet 29 reasons why coffee rocks (we’re both Starbucks-aholics ;-)). I tweeted three – then it was his turn. Oodles of fun. Here’s what we came up with (hope you get a chuckle or two):

1. Makes me smarter
2. Something to cling to during an awkward conversation
3. In a china cup & saucer, can dress up any outfit

4. wakes me up in the morning
5. stimulates – awkward…I know
6. High in antioxidants (I’m not even sure what those are)

7. Freshly brewing, beats a Glade plug-in, hands-down
8. Excellent foundation for Bailey’s
9. Very slimming 😉

10. headache cure – aka hangover
11. good for asthma… but my attempt to inhale #failed
12. great iced

13. Conversation starter (how do you take yours?)
14. Superb compost
15. Spilled coffee grounds? Hours of fun!

16. u can draw pictures in your latte
17. share it by the pound
18. involves a man and a donkey

19. Get to date French, Latino, or S. American
20. Helps me espresso myself
21. Good for regularity – awkward…I know

22. what else goes as well with chocolate?
23. all-niter essential
24. do stupid things faster

25. It’s legal to drink & drive
26. It’s dark and rich
27. Consistently provides instant gratification

28. It’s a vitamin
29. Will ensure you never suffer from sleep deprivation!

We are all busy doing business. But goofing around is cool.
“If you never did. You should. These things are fun. and Fun is good.”
Can you add to our list?

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8 Responses to #Coffee. 29 Reasons you should …

  1. I’m brewing my Starbucks while I read this so I’ll add these reasons coffee rocks:
    It reduces the risk of dementia (if I remember correctly 🙂
    It smells so good
    and my husband adds: It keeps you awake when the boss is talking to you (whoops!)

    • tobeydeys says:

      Helen – too funny! I’m on my second cup this morning so I should remember everything that happens today 😉 (And a smart hubby you’ve got there!)
      Thanks so much 🙂

  2. 1. wakes me up in the morning
    2. keeps me warm when its cold
    3. and cold when its warm

    • tobeydeys says:

      Hey Jessica!
      Coffee & cuddles -> the best way to warm up every day (even when the cuddles come from my clumsy dancing dog ;-))
      I’m a huge fan of iced coffee, too – especially when enjoyed in a hammock.

      Thank you so much for reading 🙂

  3. John says:

    Thanks for posting this Tobey – I forgot how entertaining we were!! But alas – I need to thank juan … valdez!

  4. albertharperblogger says:

    And # 30. It beats a sharp stick in the eye.

  5. albertharperblogger says:

    did you know spam spelled backwards is maps
    lets look at hot coffee backwards it spells toheefoc pronounced ( twoeefock) it
    sounds like what I said when mine was too darned hot. he he!

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