What do you care what other people think?

Lateral thought is too often disdained. It goes against the grain; it upsets people. Going ‘with the flow’ is kinder and accepted. Nod and agree. It’s safe. But does it actually get you anywhere?

I revere Richard Feynman as Gonzo, the Hunter. S. Thompson, of the world of physics; an alternate thinker, an explorer, an icon. Richard Feynman dropped a rubber O-ring into ice-water and revealed the cause of the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster. He was able to discover this by thinking outside of the box created by his contemporaries – by seeing a different reality. With his open mind, he was able to see what others never could.

By not caring what anyone else thought.

Go against the flow. Kick against the pricks. Stop doing what you’re told. Blaze your own path. Don’t hold back. Be yourself and say what you really think. Doubt. Ask. Compete only against yourself to be smarter and and more successful.

And if they don’t like it? Tell them to go elsewhere.

I love this man. I think his thoughts are worth 3 minutes of your day. 🙂

Are you thinking as YOU?

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6 Responses to What do you care what other people think?

  1. keerchsur says:

    Great blog, Thanks Terry

  2. Peggy says:

    High five girl! Love your thinking.

  3. Bruce Sallan says:

    I totally agree. Only politicians seem to “have to” please other people and discard their own values. I speak from the heart and THAT can never be wrong! I don’t care what others think, what is PC, or pleasing others. I care that I speak the truth, write and speak with passion, and that I may be helping others along the way. Good post Tobey!

    • tobeydeys says:

      So true, Bruce! If we put kindness first and communicate with passion, it’s hard to go wrong. One thing that really stirs me about Feynman is that he was trapped in the ‘system’ within the government (so you can imagine the struggle). He took committees by the shoulders and shook sense into them; by taking the risk of going upstream, he was able to see clearly and, no doubt, averted subsequent Shuttle disasters. Taking risks drives innovation and vision!

      Thanks again for your great thoughts, Bruce – and for your support! You rock 😉

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